Pre- Admission Process

Pre-Admission Process

A sub-group working on an initiative to facilitate a more positive transition to life in a care home introduced a new approach to the pre-admission assessment process.  This focused on the everyday rituals, routines, likes and dislikes of prospective residents and put systems in place to ensure that these were maintained and respected after the move to a care home. The revised assessment includes a section on ‘Thoughts and Feeling about the Move’ whereby the nurse undertaking the pre-admission assessment asks both the resident and the relative how they are feeling about the move to a care home. This has proven to be a very effective method of establishing relationships with prospective residents and their families, with one relative commenting “this is first time somebody asked me how I feel”.  

Outputs from this group include a revised assessment protocol and the production of a short film, both of which serve as educational tools for best practice.

Additional Project Background Information About Transitional Care 

Further information about the project is available to download , it may be useful to read this before viewing the video.

Watch the Video

Below is a link to the video entitled 'A Positive Transition to Life in a Care Home' which is referred to in the text above.

This is also available to view from this link direct from YouTube.

Assessment Form (An Exemplar) - A Day in the Life of Brigid 

Here is a link to download a copy of the exemplar assessment form A Day in the Life of Brigid, this accompanies the film above.